Endless service innovation

Testing Service

We installed a test production line in the workshop, specifically used to test different textile waste .If you are interested, you are welcome to send the raw materials, and we will provide a complete solution.

Customized Services

For different raw materials and uses , we provide professional and targeted solutions to get more ideal result. Such as, soft waste& hard waste, get fiber for respinning;Flax fiber, for non-woven fabric and respinning; Post-consumer clothes, for non-woven fabirc and respinning.

After-sales Service

We can send engineers to the customer's factory to be responsible for the installation and commissioning of equipment and production lines, so that the performance and production capacity of the equipment reach the standard level.Engineers train operators in all aspects of the production process on-site, and provide necessary maintenance training for customers' technical and maintenance personnel so that they can correctly operate, use, maintain and maintain various equipment and production lines.

Spare parts

We recommend that customers prepare a certain number of wearing parts and spare parts in advance in order to solve the problem of parts failure in time.In order to ensure the best operating performance of the equipment, in the case of wear and tear of some parts of the equipment, it is very important to replace high-quality spare parts.