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DM-FS250 Textile waste recycling machine


Product Introduction

Textile waste recycling machine,this equipment is usually installed after the textile waste opening machine, which is designed to use the tearing cylinder fast-moving mechanical centrifugal force to exclude impurities from cotton materials and tear materials,The machine processes and combs the raw materials after the initial opening, so as to enter the next fiber separation and combing unit.This machine is designed and manufactured based on the characteristics and experience of fiber processing equipment in China and Europe. Compared to the traditional processing technology of fiber tearing, it keeps the fiber length and less cotton knots. This equipment is the ideal type to process such as soft waste, hard waste, jute, waste garments, fabric cuttings, rag pieces, waste yarn, non-woven fabrics and automotive interiors. The quality of the regenerated fibers has the most important effect to the quality of both semi-manufactured and manufactured yarn, as well as to the materials saving. 
Can be widely used in opening many kinds of textile waste such as polyester fibers, Hemp, cotton spinning, wool spinning, hard waste, waste garments, cutting pieces and non-woven fabrics. Apply to many industries, such as textile spinning, toys making, garments making, shoes making, knitting fabrics and waste recycling.
Technology:The equipment has the characteristics of high automation degree, high efficiency and low consumption, fiber length protection, no dust pollution and so on.
Wire cylinder:The main roller is mounted with high quality needle cloth,Dia. of cylinder 250mm。
Feeding roller: The machine adopts a special customized feeding roller to effectively protect the fiber length.

Technical parameter:




250-300 kg/h

Dia. of cylinder

250 mm

Dia. of dust roller




Working width

1300 mm



Overall dimension

1500X2050X1300 mm


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