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DM-QD600 Guillotine cutting machine

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Product Introduction

DM-QD600 guillotine cutter is used to cut raw materials to appropriate lengths. QD600 is a new Model developed by us according to the needs of our customers. It changes the working mode of the traditional cutter and can effectively improve the efficiency of processing and the quality of fiber processing by the Textile waste opening machine in the back channel. Raw material cutting length can be adjusted according to actual production requirements.
Working principle: Raw materials enter through the feeding conveyor belt, and the upper blade and lower blade are installed inside the equipment. The motor drives the eccentric wheel to rotate at high speed, and the eccentric wheel drives the upper knife to reciprocate. The cutting surface formed by the upper and lower knives accurately cuts the textile raw materials, and the cut raw materials are transported to the next process by the conveyor belt.
Cylinder block: The cylinder block is made of graphite material, which can effectively reduce the working temperature and long service life.
Blade: Select high quality alloy steel, with knife grinder can effectively prolong the service life of the blade.
Frame: The frame is made of high quality steel and has good stability.
Safety: The length of feeding conveyor belt can effectively avoid direct contact between the operator and the cutting mechanism, and the closed feeding structure protects the safety of personnel.
Frequency conversion: The conveyor belt is controlled by frequency conversion, and the speed can be adjusted according to the type of raw materials and cutting requirements.

Technical parameter:




1000-1500 kg/h

Working width

600 mm

Blade material

Alloy tool steel



Working width


Cut length




Overall dimension

2600X1500X1550 mm


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